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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Scarf And Umbrella

    We know where this No.2 was recruited from, previously the Foreign Office, judging by his former work, the not inconsiderable power in the past, to having once had the ears of Statesmen, Kings, and Princes of many lands. To have been able to sway governments, to define policies and nip revolutions in the bud at a word from him and in the right place, and at a propitious time.......... and more recently the House of Lords, or at least that's where he returned to in the Houses of Parliament, via the peers entrance towards the end of Fall Out.
    Although there have been many No.2's, all different in character, they do however have one thing in common....they all wear the Old School scarf, and carry about them an umbrella shooting stick! No-one else in the Village wears such a scarf, and certainly no-one else has such a shooting stick, umbrellas yes, umbrella shooting stick no.
   So do these two articles have a symbolic meaning? Like an Orb and Sceptre, dare I suggest that seeing each No.2 possesses the same items, that the Scarf and Umbrella Shootimng Stick, like the Orb and sceptre, represent Sovereignty, Sovereignty over the Village? Otherwise why would each successor to the position of No.2, have these two very distinctive items?  BCNU.


  1. An umbrella is a cover. I´m sure about that.
    I´m not sure what a scarf is, but, spontaneous guess, isn´t there a figure of speech, saving one´s neck?

    1. Hello,
      An umbrella gives protection, against the rain, and as a parasol against the sun. In the village the umbrella has a symbolic meaning, each citizen being under the canopy protection of the village.
      The scarf is an old college scarf worn by No.2 like someone might wear his old school tie.
      There is a saying about saving ones neck, but it has nothing to do with the scarf.

      Best regards
      Be seeing you