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Sunday 4 October 2020

The Harmony Poster Video Slideshow



  This was created for the Prisoner Virtual Convebtion September 2020 on facebook. 

Be seeing you


  1. Hi David. I've just watched the “Poster” video and learned a few interesting details. Thank you.

    In viewing the Harmony episode over the years, I've seen "The Bishop Is Coming" poster as conveying a possibly enigmatic proclamation. Outsiders wouldn’t understand its meaning, but the townsfolk would. As an outsider, not taking it at face value, I’ve observed myself questioning what it might really mean. Just another example of fascination with The Prisoner.

    Cheers – Mike

    1. Hallo Mike,
      There is more in-depth detail about the Harmony posters seen in both the saloon and the sheriff's office on my blog.
      I take the "Bishop is Coming" poster {a copy of an 1800 original} at face value telling the townsfolk that the Bishop is coming to preach just as it would have been in the American frontier of the 1800's. Its really nothing more than that in my eyes.

      TTFN David

    2. Hi David
      Be assured that I shall, with pleasure, search your blog for more in-depth "information"!

      Cheers - Mike