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Saturday 31 October 2020

Village Life!


    “I understand we are to have yet another new interim Number 2.”
    “Surely not another one, what’s happened to Number 2?”
    “You haven’t heard then?”
    “No, what?”
    “Number 2 has taken himself away on leave.”
    “Whatever for, no Number 2 has ever gone on leave before!”
    “I know, its unprecedented I agree. But he has been very industrious what with the new beautiful mural in the library, laying down plans for the new concert hall that is to be built, and the electrification of the clocks, and giving us an extra recreation hour. Not to mention the new café facilities we have now, as well as the new flower borders. Then there’s the golf course and clock golf, the extra blue zone in the post.”
   “Well I don’t play golf, clock or otherwise. And I didn’t know Number 2 is interested in horticulture.”
    “You use the library.”
    “Yes. But I haven’t noticed an improvement in the post, even with the extra blue zone, whatever that is!”
    “Well we both like music, so the new concert hall will be a welcome addition.”
    “Yes I know, but I like the old recreation hall.”
    “Well I do, but you know what we must do, what must we do?”
    “Progress, progress, progress!”
    “Precisely, but all the same I cannot help but wonder what this new Interim Number 2 will be like.”
    “He can’t be any worse than the last one.”
    “You think not? I wonder where they find some of these so called chief administrators.”
    “I did see a memo the other day discussing Number 2’s retirement.”
    “Did you, retirement eh when he’s away on leave?”
    “Well I expect he’s using up the rest of his holiday allocation before he goes into retirement.”
    “He’ll miss the work, having been so active.”
    “Plans for Appreciation Day ceremony are well under way.”
    “I know, I saw the memo.”
    “I wonder what they will present Number 2 with during the ceremony?”
    “A clock I shouldn’t wonder, that’s the usual thing when someone retires.”

“Just a minute, there’s such a quick turnover of interim Number 2’s they don’t last long enough to qualify for retirement.”

“This one does, not being interim, he’s been more permanent in having lasted a year, busy working behind the scenes if you like. What say you, should we avail ourselves of the new café facilities?”

“Good idea, but it’s your turn to pay.”

“I paid the last time!”

“No I paid the last time, I remember distinctly ordering tea and two tea cakes.
   “Oh alright, we can call in on the watchmakers shop on the way, he should have repaired my pocket watch by now.”

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