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Wednesday 23 December 2020

Television Series' With The Worst Endings!

    In recent years there has been the idea of drawing up lists of the worst endings to television series. Below is one such list of top six worst endings, I hasten to add that I have never seen any of the series listed here, apart from a few episodes of ‘Quantum Leap.’ However there is one further series which could easily be added to it, that of ‘Twin Peaks.’

1. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (CBS) The finale of the long-running

young-friends-in-New York sitcom was legendary, for all the wrong reasons. ...

2. ‘Seinfeld’ (NBC) That's it? ...

3. ‘Lost’ (ABC) ...

4. ‘Game of Thrones’ (HBO) ...

5. "Dexter" (Showtime)

6. ‘Quantum Leap’

   From a personal point of view one episode is never listed, which I suppose is hardly surprising seeing as the programmes in question are all modern day television series, with the exception of ‘Quantum Leap.’ And no list mentioned ‘Twin Peaks!’ And yet there is a television series which goes back even further than the 1990’s, as far as the late 1960’s which can be added to that list, the finale to ‘the Prisoner ‘Fall Out.’ The understanding was it was to have explained ‘the Prisoner’ and answer questions arising from the previous 16 episodes, which of course it didn’t, and only muddied the water even more. The trouble with ‘Fall Out’ is it doesn’t dovetail with the previous 16 episodes, and the people today who draw up such lists probably haven’t even heard of ‘the Prisoner’ and ‘Fall Out!’
   And yet at the same time, as I have said before, perhaps ‘Fall Out’ is the most logical conclusion, if indeed we can call ‘Fall Out’ the conclusion to the series. Isn’t there an argument for ‘Fall Out’ being where ‘the Prisoner’ begins? The Prisoner who was with them, resigned and then went and gone, rather like No.48!  

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