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Wednesday 23 December 2020

The Ten Most Idiotic Things Said & Written About The Prisoner

 1}  “The Village is on the English coast, a short drive from London. All the Number 2s and the rest of the personnel were “patriotic Britons’’ trying to break the Prisoner for the good of the British secret state.”

2}  “The Prisoner was a rocket engineer. After he quit his job, in a slight against him Village scientists created Number 1, the ‘pilot’ of the Number 1 rocket, by cloning the Prisoner’s features onto an intelligent ape. The ‘1’ on the creature’s robe and the side of the rocket signifies “British Lunar Mission 1,” as ‘Number 1’ is a truncated title for the UK’s first moon shot. It’s the name of the whole expedition, not the Village mastermind.”

                           {Not A Number: Decoding The Prisoner}

3}   “I wrote the last script first. All the other stories were meant to lead into it.”
                      {Patrick McGoohan - Daily Mirror 3rd February 1968

   “In the opening sequence the Prisoner enters a building by the way out!”

                         {Number Six Magazine}

5}   “The following four locations were mentioned by Karel in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ Rearrange the four locations into their correct sequence, 1. Danzig 2. Gdansk 3. London .4 Copenhagen.”

                      {The Prisoner Interrogations}

       {It is a misconception by some fans of ‘the Prisoner’ that Danzig  Gdansk are two different cities, when in fact they are two different names for the same city!}

6}   “After considerable thought and debate it appears to us that Number 6’s abduction and subsequent arrival in The Village were almost certainly at the instigation of Janet Portland to further her plan.”
                           {Deadlier Than The Male – In The Village magazine}

7}  “The Village is near Dover, because the lorry in ‘Fall Out’ emerges out of a tunnel and onto the A20.”

                                  {Number 6 magazine}

 8}  “The Village is near Deal In Kent.”

 9}  “The woman customer had seized upon that shot of a rocket lifting off from behind the Portmeirion skyline as evidence that Number One had been an alien from space all along.”

                                  {un-attributed taken from Alan Moore’s Remembers Patrick McGoohan’s “The Prisoner,” Part2}

10}  “In Fall Out the village is destroyed by the rocket.”
                                                          {A Prisoner fan}

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