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Sunday 27 December 2020

The Conclusion

     After 10 years of about ‘the Prisoner’ series on my blog, and previous to that 5 years in one form or another, I have decided that its time to bring it to an end. I say I decided, because I actually wrote my final piece about the series a few weeks ago, and it felt then that I had written more than enough on the subject. I know that this news will come as a blow to a large number of readers of my Prisoner based blog because from time to time they have urged me to go on writing about ‘the Prisoner’ series hoping in all hope that I would never stop. However I long realized that this day would eventually arrive, because there is a time for everything and eventually everything comes to a natural end whether we want it to or not.
   I have enjoyed myself immensely having covered ‘the Prisoner’ series in so many different and varied ways, and knowing that fellow Prisoner enthusiasts have been most appreciative of my Prisoner blog over the past 10 years has always helped me give of my best. But fear ye not my Prisoner based blog isn’t stopping, because I intend to keep it active, there is one ‘More Tales From The Village” to come this year. In the New Year’ my blog will be completely dedicated to Prisoner “fiction,” My Prisoner based blog has become, and I trust will continue to be, a source of reference for Prisoner enthusiasts the world over.
    As for myself I still remain a prisoner of ‘the Prisoner’ today as I have always been ever since I first watched ‘Arrival’ all those years ago as a boy of 12 years of age. And I shall always be grateful to the Prisoner because over the years he has allowed me to carry out a variety of related projects, my blog just being one of them.
    So I look forward to be seeing you all in the New Year with a variety of ‘More Tales From The Village,' a third volume of tales in 'Further Tales From The Village, 'Village Life,' 'Who’s That On The Telephono,' 'Out of The Village' along with a number Prisoner based short stories with the occasional front page Tally Ho story, and there could be much more later in 2021. I have three Prisoner based manuscripts {novels} which have been written, and currently I am writing a fourth. I am hoping to hear about the possible publication of these novels later next year. However if that should fall through then some large pieces of “fan fiction” could….. well let me just say that for now, I am keeping my options open.

So I'll be seeing you in 2021…….won’t I?

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