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Thursday 9 January 2020

A Favourite Scene in The Prisoner!

    I realize that there had to be some improvisation regarding the helicopter in ‘The Schizoid Man,” after all they were no longer at Portmeirion, but confined to a back-lot at MGM film studios at Elstree. However the scene is set, No.6 is about to escape the village by impersonating Curtis. There’s No.24 who has come to see Curtis off, or rather No.6. No.2 has a word with the helicopter pilot, while Alison makes it clear that she is ashamed of what she did to No.6, it was a betrayal, and if she had a second chance she wouldn’t do it again! But what are all those citizens standing about for, surely not to simply watch the helicopter take off. From a story point of view, they are could be waiting for the Recreation Hall to open its doors, perhaps to attend a music concert, or exhibition of mime and entertainment, or entertainment of some kind! From a production point of view, its most probable the small crowd of people are there simply to “dress the set,” in order to make the back-lot at MGM film studios look more like a scene in the village!

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