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Monday 27 January 2020


    16 is the number, or it could be 1-6, perhaps 1 and 6, that’s one and sixpence in old money, or 18 pennies, 36 half pennies. Either that or 1 and 6 different sides of the same coin, added together they make 7. Perhaps No.7 is the boss, after all 1 and 6 cannot both be the boss, and yet they are both prisoners. Although it appears to me that 6 as a prisoner enjoys a certain amount of freedom in the village, unlike his other self who is a prisoner cooped up inside that rocket day and night. 1 doesn’t even get to go out into the village like No.6 does. I’m surprised 1 didn’t try to change places with No.6, to put the cowled robe on 6 and see how he likes it being cooped up in that rocket. But perhaps that might be too dangerous, we saw what No.6 attempted to do soon after assuming the role as the new No.2, imagine what he might try to do as No.1 in that rocket!

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