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Thursday 30 January 2020

Insoluble For Both Man And Machine!

    No.100, he was the interim No.2’s assistant in ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ He was involved with Plan Division Q, and radicalized No.51 the watchmaker. So at the end of that fight with No.6, when 100 had been attempting to retrieve the remote detonator, what would have made the Guardian attack No.100? The original script has the Guardian suffocating No.100, this was actually filmed, but never used in ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ However part of the scene was used in ‘Arrival’ when the young man in the sunglasses and striped jersey is being suffocated by the Guardian. So I feel the question is still very much relevant, why would the Guardian have attacked No.100 when he was the interim No.2’s assistant? I can only surmise it was to protect No.6, but that seems an odd thing for it to do!

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