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Monday 6 January 2020

Life In The Village!

    “222 play something gentle and romantic.”
    Lullaby for Isabelle gently fills the air.
    “Are we going out?”
    “That’s nice, are we going far?”
    “No not far.”
    “There’s someone at the door, do you want the door to let them in?”
    “I hope we’re not going to be too long.”
    “Its only five minutes to curfew, and if we’re not back by then the door will lock us out!”

    “Who is this?”
    “We don’t use names here.”
    “Oh alright, Number 8.”
    222 “Well this is cosy, and there I was thinking we were going to be alone!”
    “Tell me.”
    Nadia “I do know where the village is.”
    “How do you know?”
    222 “She works for their government!”
    “Who asked you?”
    “You did!”
    “Well be quiet!”
    Nadia “I saw a secret file by accident and for a few seconds only.”
    “Where are we Nadia?”
    222 “
Lithuania, on the Baltic, thirty miles from the Polish border
    “Did I ask you? I’ll be back in a minute Nadia.”
    “Where are you going?”

   “To put this irritating thing in……….
    222 “Oh no, not in the refrigerator again!”

Be seeing you

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