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Thursday 9 January 2020

The Village

    The village is alright during the spring, summer and autumn, but what do citizens do during the winter months, or when the weather is inclement? After all there is evidence that it does rain from time to time, and if prolonged then the citizens would have to remain in their cells cottages, or perhaps to sit in the café as though on a wet weekend in Cleethorpes. And there would be the winter months to consider. We have no idea of what winters were like in the village, but if there was snow there would be no promenading around the pool and fountain in the Piazza. Or perhaps they could do a little ice skating on the Free Sea! No doubt the Recreation Hall would come into its own, with exhibitions, concerts, amateur dramatic productions, and entertainment all kinds. But I was forgetting, television, I’m sure the production team screen entertaining programmes as well as educational ones, and the cinema, together with the library. So really the citizens of the village are well catered for on the entertainment front. So basically in the winter months, and times of prolonged periods of inclement weather its mainly indoor entertainment.
    There is another aspect to this, once the bad weather has set in, low cloud, fog, rain, possibly snow, would mean the helicopter would be grounded, it would be possible for M. S. Polotska to reach the village by sea, but there could be times when because of its isolation the village is completely cut off!

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