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Monday 6 January 2020

You Of All People!

    No.6 seems to be the last person Roland Walter Dutton thought to meet in a place like the village, “You…of all people!” Mind you I should think the Prisoner was just as surprised to meet Cobb on the same ward in the hospital. Cobb was confused not only about how he turned up in the village, but about how long he had actually been there, three or four weeks, months, its difficult to work out. Dutton had the same problem, “It’s difficult to say, a couple of months.” No.6 doesn’t seem to share that difficulty because he has a day-date calendar in his cottage, well he did have two, but they were eventually removed from his cottage. I’m actually surprised he was allowed such a thing as a calendar in the first place, after all there wasn’t one in his study. Not unless they were in his bedroom and kitchen in his London home, as they were in his cottage in the village. No.6 isn’t like Dutton, I cannot count Cobb in this, or like any other prisoner. There is no confusion over dates, most likely because of the day date calendars, he knows how long he has been a prisoner in the village. If of course the day date calendars are to be relied upon. But of course No.6 is an intelligent man, intelligent and skilful enough to make his own calendar, just as long as he remembers both the day and the date on which he was abducted to the village!

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