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Monday 30 March 2020

Citizen No.38

   What a dear little old lady, and wasn’t it kind of No.6 to buy her tapestry using his 2,000 work units, that should supplement her pension quite a bit! I wonder what the reason was that brought No.38 to the village in the first place, and how long has she been a citizen. Perhaps in her younger days she was once a spy, either that or because she worked in some capacity in the Civil Service and therefore had knowledge of certain information. She might have been a code breaker having worked somewhere like Bletchley Park. On the other hand she might simply have been the tea lady. She could have come to the village voluntarily, through recruitment, or employment agency. But when exactly did she first arrive in the village, before the war, since the war, which war, and if not a Prisoner in what capacity did she work for the village? She could have had hidden depths, but was then reduced to working as a housemaid, or waitress at the café. You see there are any number of villagers who are equally as unfathomable as No.6 if not more so, but those like No.38 here go under the radar for some reason simply on the grounds that ‘the Prisoner’ is all about No.6!
   The Exhibition of Arts And Crafts was supposed to have taken place in the Recreation Hall. But looking at the picture below, clearly the exhibition took place in the council chamber, the only difference being someone has gone to all the bother of laying a wooden floor. 
Also as you look about the Arts and Crafts Exhibition it is clear that No.6 was not the only artist working in abstract art!
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