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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Citizen No.66 The ex-Admiral

    In ‘Arrival’ there two ex-Admirals, why? In one scene when No.6 is on his way to the Labour Exchange there’s No.66 the ex-Admiral sailing plastic boats in the Free Sea who goes unaccredited. And then in a later scene set on the lawn of the Old People’s Home there’s the ex-Admiral also No.66 played by Fredrick Piper who is playing chess with No.6.
    “Come along young man, we haven’t got all day!”
    During a later scene, when No.6 it trying to escape the village in a helicopter, Frederick Piper appears with Virginia Maskell No.9.
    “Game of chess me’ dear?”
    “I don’t play.”
    “You should learn……….we’re all pawns me’ dear…..your move.”
    My question would be, if the two ex-Admirals No.66 are supposed to be the same person, why isn’t it Frederick Piper sat by the Free Sea sailing plastic boats? It seems to me to be ridiculous to have such an actor of Fredrick Piper’s experience spanning over 40 years, having appeared in more then 80 films and many television series, not be used in the scene by the Free Sea? But perhaps Fredrick’s appearance in ‘Arrival’ was confined to the Old People’s Home as an habitual chess player for a reason. One might think that the Ex-Admiral was going a bit senile when he suggested to No.6 to try the boat, telling him that the Stone Boat is great in any weather, that he has sailed her many a time. But there’s a hidden meaning in that {see my book The Prisoner Dusted Down}, and he certainly gave No.9 something to think about.  

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