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Tuesday 3 March 2020

Quote For The Day

    “Vital message tomorrow, 0:600 hours by visual signal….visual signal.”
                                        {No.2 – Hammer Into Anvil}

    At 5 and 20 minutes to 6 o’clock No.6 prepares to leave his cottage and make his way through the village down to the sea wall, then along by the stone swimming pool and onto the beach. While in the control room No.2 is waiting, ordering the Observers to stand-by as he watches No.6’s progress on the wall screen.
    “Standing by sir.”
    Camera 8 is ordered and the view is displayed on the wall screen as No.6 walks down the steps onto the beach.
    “Switch to camera 5, then camera 13.”
    No.6 is now a long way out across the beach and crouching down takes the hand mirror from blazer pocket and begins to send a message via heliograph. No.2 orders someone to get the Morse code message taken down, and for the cameras to get in closer, to zoom in on No.6 as much as they can.
    “Who can he be signalling to?” the supervisor asks.
    “We’ll find out” No.2 replies
    There’s nothing on radar, not at sea, there’s no ship. No.2 insists there must be an aircraft, helicopter….something, but there’s nothing. Ah, under the sea…try the sonar. But there’s nothing coming through! So who was No.6’s signalling to? Well it’s as plain as No.2’s nose on his face… was him!

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