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Monday 9 March 2020

That’s A Funny Thing To Do!

    One evening, a little before curfew, No.6 left the comfort of his cell cottage and made his way down to the stone boat. Entering the cabin he hid a large white envelope under the padded seat of a bench. He had been followed by No.2 and his assistant No.14. They let No.6 go and No.2 met his assistant at the stone boat. Once in the cabin it didn’t take No.2 a moment to discover the hidden envelope, and with it clutched in his greedy little paw he, followed by No.14 couldn’t get back to the Green Dome fast enough. He dismissed his assistant telling him he shan’t need him any more, that he could go. That must have been something of a disappointment for No.14, because he was as eager to see what was in the envelope himself! What was in the envelope were four sheets of blank paper, which he had the lab technicians test for words figures whatever’s written on them. But try all the tests they may, all they were was four sheets of blank paper. No.2 asked himself “Why should he {Number 6} hide blank sheets of paper in the stone boat?” Another question he might have asked himself is “Not why, but who did Number 6 hide that envelope for in the stone boat?” In having discovered the envelope in the stone boat he could have taken another tack, thereby leaving the envelope hidden and have the stone boat put under close surveillance in order to see who it was who would come and find the envelope! But then it would have been a long wait, seeing as the person for whom the envelope was intended had already found it! A game of cat and mouse, wouldn’t you say, with an act of jamming thrown in!

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