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Saturday 21 March 2020

Free To Go!

    In ‘Free For All’ No.6 attempts to incite the citizens into a mass breakout by telling the citizens they are “Free to go” over the public address system. What did No.6 expect to gain by organizing a mass breakout? Perhaps he expected to slip away in the confusion! But as it is not one citizen takes the slightest notice of No.6 as his words boom out across the village. Instead the pair of steel doors slide open and a medical trolley rolls down the ramp, and the two motor mechanics rise up through holes in the floor on platforms. They attempt to take No.6 by force, but he breaks free of them and dashes up the ramp. The wall of No.2’s office revolves, revealing a single steel door. The door slides open and No.6 stumbles into a cave. Where exactly is the cave situated in terms of the Green Dome? Perhaps it’s an allegorical cave!

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