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Saturday 21 March 2020

Tales From The Village

    “Good morning.”
    “What’s good about it?”
    “You are in a grumpy mood this morning!”
    “I have good reason.”
    “I bet my breakfast’s cold!”
    “Why should you think that?”
    “Because my breakfast was cold yesterday!”
    “It’s a privilege you know, I don’t do this for everyone!”
    “It’s a privilege I can well do without!”
    “Well you know what you can do don’t you.”
    “No, what can I do?”
    “Make your own breakfast from now on!”
    “What is for breakfast?”
    “Tea, toast, butter, and a glass of orange juice.”
    “Your predecessor once brought me some International cuisine, egg on a piece of quiche.”
    “Do I look like the cook?”
    “I wouldn’t like to say what you look like!”
    “I’ve a good mind to report you!”
    “I’d best eat my toast, drink my tea before they get warm!”
    “I shall report you!”
    “And while you’re about it, tell them the prisoner ate a hearty breakfast!”

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