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Thursday, 4 June 2020

A Favourite Scene In A B and C

   He is a man of mystery, the man behind the big door, who likes impressive offices. That being the case why are they meeting on a deserted street in Paris?
    “I didn’t know you existed.”
    “It is often the case with really important people. Anonymity is the best disguise.”
    “You are afraid” No.6 produces an envelope from his jacket pocket “this is very important to me.”
    “It is only a commodity.”
    “No, it’s my future.”
    “You belong to me now, you were told there is no return.”
    “Not until I know who you are, I’ve never liked secrets.”
    Neither does No.2, he wants to see this man of mystery’s face.
    “No-one will ever see me.”
    “I will, I want to know who I’m selling out to, we must all know.”
    “All, aren’t you alone?”
    “No, but you are!”
    “Violence will do no good.”
    “It relieves the feelings.
    No.6 puts his hands up to rip off the man’s mask, who raises his own in defence.
    “Does it matter?”
    “It does to them, we mustn’t disappoint them….the people who are watching.”
    No.6 whips the man’s hat off, spins him around so the man’s back is to the camera, and rips off the mask.
    “I knew of course, now show them!”
    No.6 spins the man round so his face is seen on the screen, its No.2! I have always liked to think that when No.6 says “We mustn’t disappoint them….the people who are watching” he’s not just meaning No.2 and No.14, but he’s including the television viewers who are also watching, and want to know who that man of mystery is.
   I always feel sorry for No.2; it must have been quite a shock being brought face to face with himself like that. It makes me wonder what his own fate may have been for this latest failure!

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