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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Acts of Theft!

    In ‘Checkmate’ No.6 steals a Mini-Moke, but No.2 doesn’t want the Superviosr-No.56 to take any action unless he gets the yellow alert because he wants the doctor’s device to have a proper test. This is lucky for No.6, because he picks up the Rook and together they go about the village committing a number of thefts. There’s a surveillance camera mounted on a column, and this is the clever bit, the Rook sets about removing the camera under the very noses of No.56 and 23 as it makes a 90 degree sweep of the central area with both the Supervisor and the doctor-No.23 watching. Surely they should have realized something was wrong before the wall screen went blank the moment the Rook pulled at the cameras wires. When the Rook tilts the camera down, with the lens of the camera pointing downwards the view on the wall screen in the control room would have been altered! One more thing, where did the Rook get that screwdriver? The electrics truck has only just been despatched to repair camera 34! While the electrics truck is on its way the Rook steals a telephone from the telephone booth, then at the crossroads he steals a couple of electrical components and an Ever Ready battery, so where did the Rook get that screwdriver? The electrician should have reported the missing surveillance camera when he found it gone. And the telephone would have been missed, that surely must have been reported, but that seems unlikely, without a telephone in the kiosk! Perhaps the thefts were reported and but no action to be taken, remember we are dealing with a very clever No.2. If he gives No.6 enough rope he will surely hang himself, which he eventually did, him and his air of authority! Where did the Rook get that screwdriver?

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