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Monday 1 June 2020

A Favourite Scene In The Chimes of Big Ben

    A telephone rings in an office supposedly somewhere in London, possibly in Whitehall, and Fotheringay answers it.
    “Fotheringay here yes…………yes I’ve seen a copy of the deciphered message……….what time would you say?..........good…..oh yes I can’t wait to see him.”
    So who is Fotheringay talking to, and for whose benefit? It could be No.2 on the other end of that phone call, just checking to make sure Fotheringay is ready. Although the red telephone might suggest he’s talking to No.1. However this little scene can only be for the benefit of the television viewer, as there is no need to play out this little scene for those actually taking part in this elaborate plan!
   I like Fotheringay although his scene is only for a few moments, just long enough to help “egg the cake.” It’s just a pity he’s no better than the Colonel, but I expect like No.2, Fotheringay woke up one morning to find himself in the village!

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