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Friday 19 June 2020

Out of the Archive!

    Having had a few hectic days working with ‘the Prisoner’ I decided to take a couple of days off in order to clear my mind, and have a rummage in the archive. I was looking for a particular file containing the following advertisements.

   From April, through May and June 1996 ‘Lombard Business Finance’ ran an advertising campaign with a number of different newspaper advertisements using images and text from ‘the Prisoner.’ These appeared in ‘The Times,’ ‘The Financial Times,’ and ‘The Daily Telegraph’ newspapers.
   Over that three month period I managed to collect all of them. I have trawled the World-Wide web and could find not trace of them, either image or text.
   There was a time when I used to collect anything and everything connected with ‘the Prisoner’ I found in newspapers and magazines. I don’t know if anyone recalls these advertisements, for all I know I might be the only ‘Prisoner’ enthusiast with copies of them. I’ve certainly not heard of anyone mentioning them before.

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