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Thursday 25 June 2020

Back On The Chessboard!

   It was the black gloved hand of the butler which returned the pawn {symbolizing No.6} to the chessboard. However others were not so lucky. The shopkeeper No.19 is replaced by the time of the following episode ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ Perhaps they decided to carry out an audit of his books, and found some discrepancies! No.14, the ex-Count, he’s another one from ‘Checkmate’ never seen to be seen again in the village. No doubt he paid the price for teaching No.6 how to tell between guardians and the prisoners! I sometimes wonder if No.14 had once attempted his own teaching himself, and for some reason it had not worked. But perhaps he thought if he taught the trick to No.6 he might have better luck, and manage to carry out an escape plan successfully. But every plan has its flaw, on this occasion it was No.6’s own air of authority that let him down!
   No.8, I hope they reversed the hypnotism, poor woman. Although something must have happened to see her wiped from the board, we do not see her again in the village. Although she can be seen during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ following No.6 as usual! Also she is the last No.8 we see in the village before No.8 of ‘Living In Harmony.’
    As for the chessboard, it’s taken away almost as quickly as it’s laid down on the village green. Perhaps it’s taken up as No.14 is taken away, after all he’ll have no further use for it!
   Some have it that the butler is the instigator of the chess match, that the players actually follow the moves the butler makes on his chessboard. Personally I do not subscribe to that theory, as the butler is merely following the moves on his own chessboard, being a student of the game!

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