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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Tales From The Village

    The regular brass band concert commenced every day at 12 o’clock, and a number of citizens sat on the lawn in front of the bandstand in chairs waiting for the band to being playing. The conductor turned, bowed and taking his baton turned back to face the musicians, and the they began to play the Farandole from the L’Arlessienne suit. No.132 sat in a chair his mind could not have been completely on the music because he kept glancing around, as though looking for someone. And them there she was, an attractive woman, tall, dark hair, wearing a blue trilby hat and colourful striped cape walking down the steps.
    “Sorry I’m late” she said smiling.
    “Not late at all” I said “Did you manage to get it?”
    “It was difficult, but yes, it’s in my bag” and taking a book from her handbag she opened it and pretended to read while at the same time shielded her lips from the cameras.
    “Are you going to give the device to me?”
    “As long as you keep your promise, that you’ll take me with you.”
    The Farandole came to an end, and then the band struck up with “A Life on the ocean wave.”
    “Of course, after all you are my partner in crime, we are a team” he told her.
    “The helicopter arrives at two this afternoon. It stays for a couple of hours, that’s our chance” she said talking into her book.
    “What about the pilot?”
    “He leaves the helicopter and goes on a break, that’s when the Guardian is placed on station.”
    “And this electro pass gadget will get us passed the Guardian?”
    “That’s right, I can let you borrow this book if you wish” she said.
    He followed her lead by replying “Victorian romance isn’t my cup of tea.”
    “The electro pass will synchronise with the alarm system and let us though.”
    “Then all we can do is wait, perhaps a walk down to the Old People’s Home.”
    “That would be delightful” she replied.
    They stood up and taking him by the hand pressed something into his hand, he glanced at it, it was a wrist watch, it was. a quarter of an hour to two o’clock
    No.’s 22 and 33 took a quiet stroll together through the village, in no particular direction, they didn’t wish to attract the attention of the Observers, or for that matter the guardians. They went down a set of steps and paused at the top of the waterfall. On the other side of the estuary a silver grey Alouette helicopter appeared, it flew over the estuary and circled the village before finally landing on the lawn by the sea wall. No.22 and 33 waited a few minutes, then descended further steps to the bottom of the waterfall where again they waited. A Top Hat official of administration carrying a black leather document case got out of the helicopter, followed by the pilot, who after making a few checks walked away from the helicopter. Then the white membranic form of the Guardian appeared on station. No.22 walked forward taking the electro pass out of his jacket pocket. The three hands turned as one synchronising with the alarm system, No.33 walked at his back as they moved forward. The Guardian moved towards and between them and the helicopter, it was in something of an agitated state, it was as though it wanted to make a move against them, but something was holding it back, and now it was quivering on the spot. Reaching the helicopter No.22 turned and looked at the woman.
    “I think this is the moment when I should tell you I can’t actually pilot a helicopter!”
    This came as a shock to No.33 “W….what do you mean?”
    At that point a white Mini-Moke arrived on the scene, and two men in white coats alighted and walked slowly towards the helicopter.
    “You can go with those two men” 22 said “or if you prefer you can tell me who it was who gave you the electro pass.”
    No.33 said nothing, and made no protest as the two medical orderlies each took her by the arms and escorted her to the waiting ambulance. No.22 pocketed the electro pass and climbed into the front passenger seat, it was but a short drive to the hospital.
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