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Thursday 27 February 2020

A Piece of Prisoneralia!

   Today when out and about the town, I called into a charity shop, and for those reading this abroad who do not know, it is a shop where second-hand goods are sold to raise money for a charity. Anyway I was looking through a box containing a number of framed pictures, and found the above. I probably wouldn’t have bothered about it, after all its ages since I last collected a piece of Prisoneralia, but it was the pair of stabilizers, it’s rare to see them fitted to a Penny Farthing. Instantly of course it reminded me of the pair of stabilizers fitted to the Penny Farthing in No.2’s office.
   Its dimensions are fifteen and a half inches by twelve inches. As to the age, certainly the frame is made from wood, and the back is covered by old brown paper and tape, but age doesn’t concern me as it’s a nice decorative piece.

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