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Wednesday 26 February 2020

Thought For The Day

    It’s always possible that ZM73’s {for want of a better name} resignation was coincidental, not being the reason why he was put in the village. Because if it was “they” acted very quickly by the time ZM73 drove his Lotus 7 out of the car park in order to put the two undertakers on his tail!
   On the other hand, perhaps ZM73’s resignation wasn’t accepted, because it’s virtually impossible to resign from British Intelligence, just ask 007! It might be they thought he was about to go rogue, and in order for the department to protect its own interests so they had ZM73 put in the village! But thinking again he might just have been abducted to the village in order to have his file brought up to date, and they do like to know everything, as there was one piece of information missing from his file……the reason behind his resignation!

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