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Sunday 2 February 2020

Making A Better Village!

    On Thursday January 30th, I read on the ‘Red Button’ the BBC television digital service, how the new Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsey Hoyle, declared an end to all bullying in Parliament. He said he wished for everyone working on the Parliamentary estate to be respected. “I want to make this a better village for all of us” he said.

   The Speaker’s words made me instantly think of 6’s final words in THEPRIS6NER “It has to be possible to do this the right way, yeah? Make a good village. I think I could do it.” Of course in Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s reference to the village he means Westminster village. And in that there is another reference to the episode ‘Free For All’ because from now on, it appears members of Parliament will be playing the game according to Hoyle!

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