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Wednesday 5 February 2020

Thought For The Day

    If the local election was a real election, and not just further manipulation of the citizens, I wonder if citizens discussed the two candidates amongst themselves and who they were going to vote for. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there hadn’t been a certain amount of therapy, in that citizens were pre-programmed to vote unanimously for No.6, otherwise the citizens might simply have all voted for No.2 and the old regime forever! And then No.6 wouldn’t have made it into the Green Dome as the new No.2, and that would have prevented No.58’s little scene, as well as stopping the two motor mechanics from extracting their revenge on No.6! Oh the citizens were enthusiastic enough, but it seems they were simply going through the motions so to speak. There appears to have been no interaction between citizens leading up to polling day, most seemed to be of one mind. It would have been nice to have at least heard some political discussion in the Cat and Mouse nightclub. But there were no re-actionists, no-one heckling the candidates on the hustings, just everyone happy to vote for No.6 or so it seems as when No.6 is voted in as the new No.2 the citizens look upon him with distrust!

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  1. All those "nationalists", "reactionaries", "dissidents" etc. would have been gathered together in a cave but not so much (as in the Pink Floyd title of once) grooving with a pict. Most likely the unheard or rather shouted-down speech is No. 6's political statement, just like in these days of ours, of "echo chambers", where nobody ever lstens and facts... Ah, there were facts, says No. 2. - Hello David and BCNU!

  2. Hello Arno,
    I know the former No.6 mentions the devaluation of the £ in his speech, how he knew that had happened in November 1967 I have no idea, seeing as he's supposed to have been isolated in the village from the rest of the World. I suppose he could have learned of the devaluation of the £ from No.2 in during 'Once Upon A Time.' As for his speech I'm not so sure it would have been political, more of a personal protest regarding his treatment since his abduction to the village.

    Sorry for the radio silence again this week. I've been immersed in a Prisoner based manuscript, and when I'm doing that the hours and days simply pass by, and here its Thursday already!

    Trusting all goes well with you.
    My very best regards
    Be seeing you