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Saturday 29 February 2020

Thought For The Day

   In the opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner,’ having handed in his letter of resignation, ZM73 {for want of a better name} returns to the underground car park, and drives out up the ramp in his Lotus 7. Waiting nearby are two undertakers in a hearse who then follow the Lotus. This gives the impression that the decision to have ZM73 followed and abducted to the village is an almost instant one which was made the moment ZM73 left that office in order to have the hearse parked waiting outside the car park. I have come to the conclusion that ZM73’s resignation is a coincidental one, and that even if the decision was an instant one to have him abducted from his home and taken to the village, its highly improbable, but not impossible for the undertakers have got to the car park in time to follow the Lotus. It must not be forgotten how cameras had been set up in ZM73’s home in order o keep him under surveillance “What was that, sounded like a click, something in the mirror, or was it over there, yes over there too!” Also in the village it would have needed advanced notice about ZM73’s arrival in the village the Prisoner’s cottage to be made ready for him. Interior reconstruction may well have been necessary. The shower room fitted out perhaps with the hot and cold taps being put on the wrong way round, making sure the shower room door opens to the left. And the study decorated, fitted out with fixtures and fittings, as well as being furnished exactly the same as the study in the Prisoner’s London home. To my mind the abduction of ZM73 from his home in London to the village was something that had been planned over a period of time. But perhaps XM73’s resignation, or the fact he was planning to go on holiday, brought about his abduction before he had a chance to leave the country. Which he was about to do, having retuned home to collect two suitcases which were already packed, his passport and airline ticket!

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