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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Caught On Camera

   'Hello Pat.'
   'What have you here?'
   'I understand you're stuck for an ending for the series.'
   'Who told you that?'
   'Oh the director and some of the crew were discussing it.'
   'Were they?'
   'Yes they were.'
   'And this is?'
   'My idea for the conclusion to the series.'
   'It won't work.'
   'Oh go on Pat, give it a chance!'
   'It says here on page two, that the Prisoner escapes the Village after discovering a time displacement device.'
   'Good isn't it?'
   'But that soemething goes wrong with the co-ordinates, and the Prisoner ends up where it all began.........dark clouds gather over a long and deserted road. there's a clash of thunder......this is the start of Arrival!'
   'Which is the whole point of the thing Pat, the whole things a vicious circle.'
   'I don't like it...and don't call me Pat!'
   'Well what about the idea of Lew Grade as No.1?'
   'Don't make me laugh!'


  1. Who is the other bloke?
    He looks a bit like Alan Whicker. Now there's a man who knows about foreign travel.

  2. Hello Moor,

    Yes he does look a bit like Alan Whicker,
    now there's a man who would have made a good report on the Village! I can just hear him asking No.6 some extremely searching questions, with no holds barred 'Now why did you resign Number Six? It was a little premature, wasn't it? Did you go of your own accord, before you were pushed?'

    But really I've no idea who that other chap is.

    As ever