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Monday, 31 October 2011

He Really Was Going On Holiday!

    During the de-briefing session of the Prisoner by No.2 in Arrival, we discover that the Prisoner was thinking of going on holiday. But where? Ireland, that's a bit too cold that time of year. Paris, perhaps not, but nonetheless Paris is where the Prisoner would have gone, had 'they' not got to him first, and the possession of an airline ticket in the opening sequence to the Prisoner proves this. How do we know this? Because in A B and C No.2 wants to know what would have happened, had they not got to him first. So the events of the Prisoner deciding on where to go on holiday, is after the Prisoner had resigned his job. Because the Prisoner tells Engadine that he's starting a holiday, that he's going somewhere different, somewhere quiet where he can think.......Portmeirion perhaps!
    A B and C shows us what would have happened if the Prisoner had not been abducted to the Village first. But would the Prisoner really have been any better off? After all had 'they not got to him first, then the Prisoner would have fallen into the hands of 'A', who as we witness, abducts the Prisoner to a French Chateau, and who after, would have undoubtedly have had tortured for the information inside his head.
    And so at the end of A B and C the Prisoner confirms that he really was thinking of going on holiday after handing in his letter of resignation, by showing his future to both 2 and 14. So he really was going on holiday, not truly the act of an 'engaged' person you might say!  Be seeing you.

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