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Monday 29 April 2019

A Falling Out

    The day began just like any other day. I got out of bed, washed, shaved, dressed, went into the lounge and drawing back the curtains I looked outside. The weather was wet and windy, a typical autumnal day in fact, and then..............
    High Court Judge “We are gathered here today in regard to the matter of a democratic crisis, and this session is now in security.”
    Delegate “What does that mean?”
    “We are locked in!”
    The cavern was large, stalactites hung down from the walls, the stalagmites had been removed and a smooth floor had been laid. Snowdrop policemen patrolled the area, and white robed figures busied themselves. There was a steel see-saw device with a man sat at either end manning heavy machine guns.
    “What democratic crisis?” asked a man sat on the back bench of the assembly.
    Another said “Yes that’s right, we had democracy, but then it was taken away because it was seen to be inefficient!”
    “Is that the reason for this democratic crisis, because there’s no democracy in the village?”
    “I’m gone, gone away man!”
    “Who is that Judge?”
    “He must be someone.”
    “He was with us then he went and gone!”
    “He dropped out?”
    “Yes, then dropped in here!”
    High Court Judge “A funny thing happened on my way here!”
    “No not really, but it did have something to do with a clown. That’s when I was fetched up here.”
    “You know why you are here?”
    “I don’t even know where here is!”
    The delegates of the Assembly laugh.
    The Judge brings the Assembly to order with a bang of his gavel!
    “When I want silence I shall have silence. Now Number....what is your number?”
    “I don’t have a number man, numbers are for squares man, you dig?”
    “Oh I dig alright.”
    “Keep on digging man, he who digs a pit for others generally ends up in it themselves dad.”
    “What did you call me?”
    “He called you dad.”
    “Thank you.”
    “Don’t mention”
    Two men put on trial, one dropped out, the other dropped in. Then there’s the regrettable bullet, the power to put down any revolution, and enough security to back it up.
    A late No.2 “I shouldn’t be here you know.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because I’m not a damned inmate, in fact I should be asking the questions, interrogating the prisoners!”
    “There are no questions!”
    “No questions?”
    ”We know all the answers, so why waste time asking the questions?”
    “Then why?”
    “There is an answer to that, the problem is that the one being asked doesn’t always know the answer, seems to be the answer.”
    “That doesn’t make any sense.”
    “I can’t help that.”
    “So why all this rigmarole?”
    “To give each one of you a chance to plead your case.”
    “Who goes first.”
    “Who was here then he went and gone. We made the mistake of....well never mind that. Perhaps you would like to be the first to plead your case?”
    “I play your game?”
    “Take the rostrum.”
    The former No.2 took the rostrum, he told it like it is, like it was, like it used to be. But what was so deplorable is that, he resisted for so short a time! Accused of biting the hand that feeds, and yet he laid his life on the line for the cause, and paid the ultimate price. Well lets be honest, he was never up to the challenge!
    No.48 was next, well he was to have been, he was here but then he went and gone, and hasn’t been seen since!
    As for.............. “Patrick wake up, wake up you’re having a bad dream!”
    “Eh, what, no I must get this down now, it’s going to be great. It came to me in a dream........”

Be seeing you

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