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Friday 19 April 2019

Sixty Seconds With No.2

    They may call you President, but that’s just another name for a judge, a red Judge, a High Court judge! It would have made better sense had ‘The Girl Who was Death’ been the penultimate episode rather than ‘Once Upon A Time, then you could have been brought straight from the Green Dome to the cavern, instead of having been brought all the way back to The Village. How that would have worked out, had ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ been the penultimate episode, I put forward in my book ‘the Prisoner Dusted Down.’
    Although ‘Fall Out’ is unlike any of the previous 16 ordeals, this was your second bite at the cherry, only two previous Number 2’s were given that privilege before. Oh yes you failed to extract any information from Number 6, but then he knew all the time what you were doing, he was playing with you. You wouldn’t be the first to underestimate Number 6. I don’t know whose idea it was behind ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ yours, Number 1’s, or someone else’s, but I suppose it was worth a try. Anything is worth a try once, and here you are about to offer Number 6 ultimate power, after having lavished high praise on him.  You did everything but lick the man’s boots!
    It was rather rash of you to make such an offer, but perhaps this is a final manipulation of Number 6. By the way did you ever meet him, Number 1? No I expect not. But it was rather foolish of you to let Number 6 meet Number 1 alone. Did even Number 1 underestimate Number 6 I wonder? It left you holding the baby anyway, chaos and carnage, you lost control and all you could do was to evacuate The Village, you lost it all!

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