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Saturday 27 April 2019

More Village Tonight – Anvil

    The series will be half over after ‘Anvil’ this evening, but the glass is still half full with three more episodes to come. The trouble is one of those episodes is ‘Darling,’ the weakest episode in the series, which arguably reflects ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ being the weakest episode of the original series.
   In ‘Anvil’ this evening, Two wants Six to work for him as an “Undercover.” Six thinks its a trap. Well it is a trap, but Two wants to see if Six can turn the situation to his own advantage.  
   Schoolgirl 1,100 tells us that there is no Number 1, that there has never been a Number 1, and there never will be!
   1955 looks like Patrick McGoohan playing the role of Robert Fuller in ‘Colony Three!’ Check it out!
    A right pair of Undercovers at The Village swimming pool, dressed in overalls stand out like two sore thumbs. They should have changed into swimming trunks!
    Someone has been using a Roach-cam to spy on Two!
    And the Therapy Zone isn’t quite what it was. There’s no being an alcoholic here, then returning to the flock in good time. Here the Therapy Zone is a dark nightmare place, with barking dogs, and people wandering about apparently not being helped at all.
     And finally, Two had discovered that it had been 1,100 who had been spying on him. There was only one thing to be done, and that was to send her for therapy. But the kindly old gentleman saw that there would be time for an ice cream first, and so offers one to 1,100.

    The trouble being 1,100 wasn’t given time to finish her ice cream before the men in white coats, and a black Bedford van came for her! This is perhaps the saddest image in the whole of THEPRIS6NER series!
Breathe in….breathe out….more Village!
Be seeing you

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