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Saturday 13 April 2019

The Pris6ner – Arrival

     This month sees the 9th anniversary of the British screening of THEPRIS6NER and tonight my wife and I begin to watch the mini-series for the 13th time, lucky for some eh!
    True I have not written any blog about his series for quite some time now. That’s because unlike ‘the Prisoner’ there isn’t as much material to work with THEPRIS6
NER. So for myself it’s the enjoyment of watching the series that now counts. And this series isn’t about 6 it’s about 2, what’s more 6 isn’t the problem, he’s the solution, unlike ‘the Prisoner’ which revolves around Number 6.
    I love the series, and thoroughly enjoy watching 2 and his machinations against 6, who attempts to find the 6 inside. Michael {6} whilst working as an
Observer, watching people in New York for Summakor, and selecting certain people whose file he then sends up to the purpose floor of the Company. But then for some reason, perhaps he becomes disillusioned with Summakor and the job he was doing. He resigns his job, and has a unique way of doing it. He doesn’t burst into someone’s office in a show of anger and rage, no upset teacup in its saucer, and broken template, and no letter of resignation. Instead there’s a can of aerosol paint with which he simply sprays the single word RESIGN on the window of his office. And yet I have always thought there something to be wrong in the use of that one word RESIGN, it seems to be more of a suggestion rather than a statement. But then it doesn’t really matter, as 2 never once asked 6 why he resigned. He left that to Lucy to ask that question back in New York in a later episode, whilst deep in his subconscious Michael is a prisoner in the village!
Breathe in breathe out…more village

Be seeing you

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