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Saturday 13 April 2019

Be Seeing You!

    In the original script for ‘A B and C’ after despatching ‘A’ and his henchmen Number 6 adjusts his bow tie, sniffs and says “Be seeing you.” There’s nothing wrong in that, it’s what happens in the finished episode, in the laboratory with Number 2 watching the action on the wall screen. He wonders “Be seeing you? A village expression?” Why should Number 2 have instantly thought it’s a village expression? It is of course, however the phrase “Be seeing you” has been a common expression widely used throughout the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, long before the advent of the village.  And Number 2 should have known that. Also, in the original script, because Number 6 is heard to use that phrase the doctor-Number 14 suggests that the drug is wearing off!
    In the episode Number 14 protests that Number 2 knows she hasn’t had time to prove the drug, “Just get it right, or I’ll see it proved on you” and that’s true to the original script. That is quite a threat on the part of Number 2, however later in the original script he goes further. There is a scene in which the Butler admits Number 14 into Number 2’s office. He offers coffee, but Number 14 has already had some. “Alone?” They discuss the fact that Number 6 picked-up 14 at the Old People’s Home, and went and sat down with her. Number 2 hopes that 6 doesn’t know her, because that would never do. Number 2 suggests that perhaps 14 is the woman of his dreams. As the interview progresses Number 14 admits to 2 that Number 6 “saw” her looking down in the operating theatre. Number 2 then responds with;
   “You’ll have to be more careful my dear, or no-one will ever see you again.”
   I think we all know what Number 2 would have meant by that!

Be seeing you

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