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Tuesday 23 April 2019

The Manipulation of Such A Community As This

      Number 6 has learned well by the time of ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ about the manipulation of such a community as this. He knows just what a weasel of a character, is now situated behind the counter of the General Store, that of Number 112 the new shopkeeper. Number 6 knows that he is being watched by the shopkeeper as he listens to the records of Bizet's L'arlesiene, and uses this to his advantage, along with the printed word “Security” which Number 6 has circled on the front page of the Tally Ho. For Number 6 knows that the shopkeeper will instantly telephone Number 2 the moment he leaves the General Store, and watches as he goes running off towards the Green Dome with said LP records and copy of the Tally Ho under his arm.
   Number 2 is also manipulated by Number 6, in the way he does not trust the people around him, and after reading a planted message written out by Number 6 to XO4 and signed D6, arrives at the conclusion that Number 6 is a plant! And so no harm must come to him, otherwise their masters will know!
    Number 6 also works on Number 2's paranoia by placing a message in the personal column of the Tally Ho from Don Quixote "Hay mas mal en el aldea que se suene" which translates into "There is more harm in the village than is dreamt." Number 14 can see Number 6's game, and exactly what he's up to, to undermine 2's authority. But Number 2 fails to listen as no harm must come to Number 6, believing him to be a plant.
   The Supervisor-Number 28 is not above Number 6's manipulative powers, as he reads a birthday greeting to Number 6 all over The Village "May the sun shine on you today and everyday." If only he knew that it wasn't Number 6's birthday. Number 6 took a risk there, because if the Supervisor had known, the game might have been up for him.
    The only man in The Village who might have stopped Number 6, was Number 14, but he was mistrusted by Number 2, although that mistrust is misplaced. And physically Number 14 wasn't up to the job, Number 6 soon despatched him through the French door of his cottage!
   The head of Psychiatrics was also called into the equation, as he was telephoned by Number 6 who isn't mad, but the psychiatrist isn't so sure about Number 2 who becomes very irate when he thinks the psychiatrist is trying to tell Number 2 his job “Do you want to sit in this chair?” And “Don’t tell me what to do!” And the right word in the leader of the Brass band leader’s ear and he's soon called into Number 2's office for interrogation. But the leader of the Brass Band doesn't know anything, he's simply a pawn in Number 6's game. “Oh get out, get out!”
    But let’s face it, Number 6's manipulation of certain members of the community was only made possible due to a weak link in the chain of command, and Number 2's paranoia about a conspiracy within in The Village. This was prevalent from the very beginning of ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ in Number 2's call for an increase in vigilance, that being The Tally Ho headline, and warning the citizens of the community that “We must constantly be on guard against enemies in our midst.” The Security of the Community is at risk! What, like dissidents and jammers?
   Part of Number 6's manipulation of Number 2 was to be able to use Number 2's 'witch hunt' against him, and thus bring him to his knees. And forcing Number 2 to report his own breakdown, well it was a nice touch, but then Number 6 could hardly report Number 2 to Number 1 himself.......could he?

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