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Wednesday 17 April 2019

The Man Who Wasn’t There!

    Have you seen him?
    Seen who?
    The man who wasn’t there?
    He wasn’t there again today sir.
    So you have seen him!
    Well how do you know he wasn’t there if you haven’t seen him?
    Well it is well known that the Bell Tower is haunted. Some say they have seen him......................
    Leaning out of the window.
    Yes sir. So you’ve seen him too?!
    I’ve seen him alright. More than that I chased after him!
    You did?
    I just told you I did.
    And what happened?
    He completely disappeared!
    You saw him disappear?
    Well not exactly. I raced round to the door of the Bell Tower, raced up the steps and into the Bell Tower. Then I raced up the steps right to the top of the Bell Tower.
    And as you raced up you met a man upon the stairs.
    No, he wasn’t there. There was no-one!
    Perhaps he was never there!
    But I tell you what there was.  
    Go on sir, what was it?
    A stone statue!
    What at the top of the Bell Tower?
    So it was that which you saw leaning out of one of the windows.
    Of course not.
    Then what is it sir?
    Who in their right minds would haul a bloody great statue up to the top of the Bell Tower?
    Students sir!
    Students, what do you mean students, students of what?
    Speed Learn. It must be University rag week, those students will get up to all kinds of larks during rag week.............I remember one time, oh he’s gone.......perhaps he was never there.

Be seeing you

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