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Wednesday 17 April 2019


    During the second evening in ‘The Schizoid Man’ Number 6 pays a call at 6 Private, he finds Curtis lounging on the bed armed with a gas gun.
    “I’m a very light sleeper, it’s in my file. Five yard range, nerve gas, one squirt you’re paralysed, two squirts you’re dead.”
    Number 6 is in a confused state of mind. He doesn’t seem to know who he is, he’s told he’s Number 12, but in his dreams he’s somebody else but he doesn’t know who. Sometimes in his dreams he’s resigned his job. Why did he resign his job, in his dream? Sometimes Number 6 is here in his dreams, then he comes back.
    “I wonder now who am I?”
    A vicious fight takes place culminating in a confrontation with the Guardian. Both give the password Schizoid Man. But Curtis is nervous, afraid, and perhaps the Guardian senses this, and when Curtis makes a dash for it the Guardian is on him in an instant suffocating him to death!
   Now we come to a discrepancy. What happened between the time Number 6 {in the guise of Curtis} reports his own death to Number 2, and when he goes to see him in his office? Because at the time it is night time, but in between the two scenes there is an establishing daylight shot of the Green Dome. Number 6 is then sent to see Alison because she might have some incite into Number 6’s motivations, and the sun is shining so that must have been sometime during the next morning. As it is there are several hours unaccounted for between the time Rover suffocated Curtis and when Number 6 goes to see Number 2 in his office the next morning.
    “We’re still trying to discover why Rover killed Number 6.”
    “There’s going to be hell to pay.”
    “You’re to return immediately to report your failure.”
    “My failure? You wanted him broken, I’ve broken him, I wasn’t to know he’d go berserk.”
    “Nor was I.”
    “You studied him, you should have known, it was your idea.”
    “That’s a strange thing to say, you know it wasn’t.”
    “You certainly didn’t resist.”
    “Bearing in mind it’s origin no I didn’t…..nor did you.”
    “Recriminations aren’t going to help, it’s a disgrace for us both. When do I leave?”
    “Half an hour.”
    After visiting Alison Number 6 returned to his cottage, changed into civilian clothing and then it was a short taxi ride to the helicopter.
    So during the night, once the supposed dead body of Number 6 had been retrieved, while at the same time they were trying to discover why Rover killed Number 6 {Curtis} what was Number 6 doing all that time?

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