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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Compare The Prisoner

We continue to comparing the Prisoner, this time it's the 'Map of Your Village'
 Colour or black and white? Just a map. But the Prisoner asks for a larger map, but that's only in colour and is much more expensive, which is fine. But the colour map is identical to that of the black and white one. The Prisoner meant a map of a larger area, but in the village there is no call for such maps!
    The Prisoner asks the shopkeeper for a map, the shopkeeper tells the customer that if he buys one map, he gets one free. Six wants to know why he should want two maps? To which the shopkeeper replies "It makes a great gift!"
    As you can see there is no need for the Prisoner to ask for a 'larger' map, as you can't get a bigger map of the village than this one, and the map only comes in colour. There are no black and white maps of the village, and it comes rolled or folded. And the map appears on everything. Tea towels, aprons. Plates, mugs, and in jig-saw form.

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