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Saturday, 29 January 2011

It's Inexplicable!

I pride myself on being able to put answers to the multitude of questions posed by the Prisoner and his Village. Able as I am to put the right interpretation to almost any situation within the Prisoner series, from the mundane and everyday, to the more oblique. But in all my time of appreciation for the Prisoner, I have found that there are scenes within the series which still today, 44 years after the original British screening of the series, still define interpretation. And this is one such scene. It comes towards the end of the episode Free For All, when in a cave, four men, wearing safety glasses, sit in chairs around a segment of a 'pulsating'  Village Guardian. Why? Are these men being conditioned or brainwashed in some way by the Guardian? Perhaps the four men make up some sort of Cult group, worshiping the Guardian! Is it a briefing or tutition session of some kind? This is one such scene which is clearly still open to speculation 44 years on!
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