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Thursday, 13 January 2011


      Checkmate - and so the reason for the village is to take people there, people who are broken in order for them to be made better, to be finally released from the village, back to their other lives. And there you have it, the village is all in the mind, and in this case the mind of Two's wife - M2, who is Helen who lives with her husband Curtis in New York.
   The whole six part series has been about Two finding himself a successor, that being Six, and if Six accepts 313 for the role, someone to take the place of his wife.
   Two gives Six the choice, death or life, Six chooses death, and is in fact dying. But Two can save Six, if Six accepts the village. The village which is perpetually growing with newcomers arriving everyday. It would seem that to arrive in the village, newcomers must get on the bus at the village, having just arrived there!
  The village may have been created in Helen's mind, and Two controls. But Michael helped select the people who were sent to the village. He was an observer working for Summakor.
   11-12 murders his mother, and then hangs himself in the 'Go-Inside' bar. This is a disasterous act for the village, as holes begin to appear in the village, and if someone is not found to replace M2, then the village and all it's citizens will disappear into oblivion.
   This is the last chance for Two to bring Six and 313 together, his last chance for escape! But 313 has her own problems, her other self, Sarah, and does not wish to leave the village. As for Six, Two forces Six to face his own fear, the fear which made him create 'Rover!'
   There is a funeral held for 11-12, at which 147 has been manipulated by Two to pronounce, at the given moment, that Six is the one to save them. Six is given no choice, and 313 volunteers to take the place of M2, by swallowing a handful of pills which sedates her, as she begins to hallucinate. As for Two, he suffers a village death with the aide of a hand grenade, which blows him back to his other life in New York, with his wife Helen. Whilst back somewhere in the desert, 313 sits upon the sand with Six, shedding a tear, as Six, who is now Two, dreams of finding a better way, to make a better village.................................................
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