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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


    Schizoid - the title of which is yet another nod to the original series, as is the name of Curtis.
    Not only does there appear to be two Six's, Six and two-times-Six, his alter ego, but there's a Two impersonator who is a danger to the village, he being an Un-Two, someone who looks like Two, but isn't Two. He may say that he is Two, he may look like Two, but you will know that he is not Two!
   Well as it turns out there's no such thing as a Two impersonator, it's just Two playing his other self. What's more there's only one Six, who is struggling with his inner-self who has the desire to kill Two. So it would seem that Two has successfully seen the Six inside! Two sets Six to kill him much in the same way that No.2 in Once Upon A Time wants No.6 to kill and prove that he's a man.
    So who is Curtis? Lucy in New York speaks to Michael of Curtis, and as it turns out, is head of Summakor, the company which Michael worked for before he went and resigned his job.
   Two's other-self enjoys the illicit pleasures in life, such as smoking an 'under the counter' cigarette with the shopkeeper 37927. It's coming here in the United Kingdom, that cigarettes will one day be sold from under the counter, as in the village.
    Six doesn't kill Two, his concious will not let him. But the question of whether or not Six had a double in the village or not, isn't so clear cut in the end. Because Six has gained entry to one of the twin towers seen out in the desert. And it is from one of the windows at Six sees his other-self on a street corner in the village. A bus passes by, and Six's other-self, two-times Six, has gone!
    11-12 finally gets to spend time with his mother. For since his birth 11-12 has spent no time at all with his mother. He doesn't know her, and his mother knows only what her husband Two has told her about 11-12 in her waking hours. But now Two thinks it's time 11-12 got to know his mother, and she him. 11-12 is given the keys to Two's safe and removed the pills and wakens his mother M2 from her sedated state of mind, and they now spend time together in the village. But all the time M2 is awake, holes appear around the village, and if kept awake too long the village will disappear into oblivion! For the village only exists in M2's mind. 11-12 asks his mother about leaving the village, and learns that 11-12 can never leave the village. Only people who are brought to the village can leave. Those born to the village, as 11-12 was, can never leave, because they have no life outside the village! In other words 11-12 only exists in his mother mind.
   Helen/M2 and her husband Curtis/Two volunteered for the village experiment because it was the only chance of them having a son together. But if they were ever to leave the village, and return to their other lives back in New York, it would mean they would lose their son.
  So 11-12 found out the truth about himself, and his mother. Two enjoyed playing his other self, perhaps the Twin-Inside, the Un-Two. Six had his alter-ego to deal with two-times-Six, who was buying a knive, and having a fight with the taxi driver 147. Of course Six was beginning to question himself, until he suddenly saw himself across the street!
   Even the doctor-313 has trouble, with her other self, Sarah, who as a child was abused by her father. Made to stand with a cardboard box on her head which her father would then keep hitting. So really is life in the village so perfect? The village seems a utopia, well it is, but those who are brought to the village, bring all their problems with them. Their paranoia, inhibitions, and psychological problems etc, etc. And in that there is a clue as to why people are brought to the village in the first place.
I'll be seeing you.

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