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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Kids' Stuff

   I was twelve years of age when I first watched the Prisoner in 1967. And the only questions I had at the time were; what was the village guardian? Where was the village? Which side runs the village? Why did the Prisoner resign? Who was the Prisoner - oh I had no doubts about the identity of the Prisoner. He was John Drake of the preceeding series Danger Man.
    More then that, I feel that the Prisoner series is better viewed through the eyes of a child. What's more I think that any understanding of the series is also done in the mind of a child. Because when I was a young boy, the Prisoner seemed so easy to comprehend. Only in adult life does the series become more complicated. Because we as adults over-complicate the subject. Reading things into the Prisoner which simply are not there, nor was never meant to be there in the first place. And looking for so called hidden meanings. there are no hidden meanings - I know because I've looked and not found any!
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