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Saturday, 22 January 2011


The Village logo is on everything, it says Village, and in that is it's only similarity with the original Village logo the canopied Penny Farthing. When you saw the canopied Penny Frathing you instantly think of the Prisoner. You know exactly where you are. And so it is with this new logo or emblem. It appears on everything from maps of the village, to village vehicles. From telephones and the Village Dirctory, to mugs.
I did wonder how this logo was designed, and how the designer was inspired with the idea for it. After all it does have the look of Art Nouveau about it don't you think. In fact that's just about right, because the inspiration for this village logo, as I found out, comes from the Wedding Tower in Damstadt in Germany, seen in the following pictures.
The Wedding Tower was designed by Austrian architect Josef Maria Olbrich {1867 - 1908}, with contributions from Heinrich Jobst {decorative figures} and Frederich Wilhelm Kleukens {mosaics}. The Tower was commisioned by the City of Dramstadt to mark the occasion of the wedding of the Grand Duke Renst Luwig.
Originally it would seem that the idea was to have this Art Nouveau design for the tops of the twin towers that over look the village, as seen here in the set designers sketchbook.
Also if one studies the top picture with the Wedding Tower, one can also see where the inspiration came from for the village Clinic compound seen in the final picture.
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