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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

60 Second Interview With A House Maid

  No.113 "I say, you're not Martha are you?"
Maid "Who sir?
"You’re not Martha?"
"No sir."
"I could have sworn, you have the look of Martha."
"Who is this Martha sir?"
"Mrs Butterworth’s house maid."
"I don't know any Mrs Butterworth sir."
"No, I expect you wouldn't, not ordinarily. "
What do you mean by that sir?"
"Well if you were Mrs Butterworth's house maid, you're five  episodes early, ordinarily."
"Ordinarily sir."
"Well let me put it to you...."
"I beg your pardon sir?"
"Oh, no, you see what I mean is this, in any other screening order going by the birthday of the Prisoner which would put Many Happy Returns before A B & C."
"I don't understand sir."
"Well working with that hypothesis, you could be Martha."
"Why don't you sit down sir and have a nice cup of hot chocolate. You're all stressed out sir. Sit down and relax, while I call Number Two."
"Oh thank you. You're very kind..................{sound of snoring}

Reporter No.113
Photograph from the Department of Visual Records

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