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Thursday 28 February 2013

The Man With X-Ray Eyes

Hospital Report - 374.890/7652
    After a routine check-up at the opticians at the hospital, it appears that the doctor has been carrying out a further experiment on the patient. It appears that an operation to remove a cataract from the patients left eye. However during this operation a new drug developed by the 'Chemist & Research' department, was used for the first time.
   A matter of hours later, as the patient was in ward 'A' that a development occurred which so far the doctors have been unable to explain, it is this. The patient is able to see through his eyelids! The operation together with the newly developed drug has in effect given the patient X-Ray vision.
   The doctor-No.40 has taken over the case, having the patient removed to a side ward. Reports have it that the doctor-No.40 has stepped up the treatment upon the patient, with an increase of the drug, and subsequent dosage. This has caused the eyesight of the patient to intensify his X-Ray vision. At first he could only see through the uniforms of the hospital staff, then through the uniform, skin and bone. And as the treatment was increased, both the walls and roof of the hospital disappeared.
   In order to give the patient some relief from the effects of X-Ray vision, because it was having a destabilising effect upon the patient, heavy duty thick lead lined goggles were quickly made. And to some extent this has had a stabilising effect on the patient, by cutting down the effects of the X-Ray vision.
   Just how far the doctor will be allowed to go with this experiment remains to be seen. As for the eyesight of the patient, it is somewhat perplexing as to just what he might he might be seeing and to the extent of that sight. The doctor-No.40 is arguing the point, that he must take this experiment on, this to identify just what the patient is seeing. If taken all the way he might just be able to see through to infinity and back.

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