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Monday, 25 February 2013

Does The Village Really Exist?

     Is The Village an actual physical place, or is it purely all in the mind? If it is, it's a sad lookout for those who live here, and that includes me! If The Village is a figment of someone’s over active imagination, in whose mind was The Village created, and who is controlling it now? My money is on the Prisoner, and by that I mean this fellow No.6.
  Is No.6 mad? Well not according to our records he isn't. But then again, if The Village and everything in it, is but a figment of No.6's over active imagination, then he would have written his psychiatric report himself, wouldn't he? And if that's the case, No.6 must be writing this now, but through me! I wonder if I'm a cardboard cut-out sat motionless at my desk, the editor might be of that opinion!
    But if The Village is the creation of one man's mind, then he must be mad, as mad as a Hatter! After all who would create such a Village in which the creator is persecuted, abused, interrogated, and medically experimented on, on a daily basis? Well perhaps someone with a persecution complex, who wants to suffer, but who knows just how far he wants to go. After all no harm must come to No.6, he doesn't want to end up a man of fragments, the tissue must remain undamaged. And that would explain why No.2 is allowed to go only so far in gaining the reason behind No.6's resignation.
    There is one sad thought, one day No.6 may no longer be the tormented soul that he is, and when that day comes No.6 will be at peace with himself. When that day comes, then The Village, with everything, and everyone in it, will cease to exist...........................

Photographs from the Department of Visual Records

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