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Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Prisoner Under The Spotlight

   How is it that No.2's arrive in the Village, yes I know by helicopter. But how are they selected, and from where? One possible source of course would be the British Civil Service, and selected for their administrative and interrogative abilities.
   No.2 must be trusted as they are allowed to leave the Village after their term of office. How do we know this? Well three No.2's are brought back for a second term of office, one of whom in 'Once Upon A time' states "You can say what you like. You brought me back here," which suggests this No.2 has been away from the Village. And we know that it is possible for No.2 to leave the Village and go on a spell of "leave," and then return voluntarily to the Village to carry on with his term of office, until the day of his retirement that is.
  However this gentleman on the left is not at all happy at being brought back to the Village. He is obviously in a bad mood, sniping at the Butler to remove his breakfast, tells the Butler to leave the coffee, "the coffee leave it!" He's even sniping at No.1 on the telephone, telling him to remove the membranic Village Guardian which had secreted itself in No.2's chair, and declaring to Number 1 that he's not an inmate! And this time they do it his way, or No.1 can get somebody else! He is obviously in a place he didn't want to be, which suggests that he had no say in the matter. Perhaps he had to be abducted back to the Village, in order to force him into a second term of office!

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