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Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Therapy Zone

Number 6 And His Strong Sense Of Identity
   No.100, in Its Your Funeral, exchanged No.6's wrist watch for one similarly identical. But such a man as No.6, who has a strong sense of identity, who cannot be caught out on his possessions, would surely know his own wrist watch. I mean there would be scratches, the leather strap having become a little worn - surely such wear and tear of No.6's wrist watch could not be replicated so exactly? Well apparently so, because when No.6 went to put on his wrist watch in the locker room of the Gymnasium, he only detected that his watch had stopped, and nothing more! such is the fool proof work of the counterfeiters in the village workshops!
   I mean, I'd know if someone had swapped my wrist watch for another one similarly identical, wouldn't you?

The Girl Who Was Death
    Its a sure fire hit that No.6 had met previously with No.2 and No.10 so as to be able to place both of them in his fairy tale he told the children. As indeed No.6 must have met previously No.2-Mrs. Butterworth so as to place her in his dream at the casino during  A B & C, which if that is the case, then surely Many Happy Returns must surely be place before A B & C in the screening order of the series. However that is not that which concerns me here, but the thought of what has taken place between No.6, No.2 and No.10, that which we do not see before he placed them in his fairy take as Napoleon and the girl. That is what has intrigued me the most in recent times about the Prisoner, that which must surely have taken place in the series, but to which we are not privy.

The Supervisor-No.28
   It was once asked why we see No.28 in No.2's office during the episode of A Change of Mind? Well we must assume that part of the Supervisor's duties does from time to time, take him out of the control room environment. Look at Once Upon A Time, and Fall Out. In the former this supervisor is promoted to No.2 on the job so to speak, and in the later we see him take up his seat amongst the delegates. A superior position to that of No.2, wouldn't you say?

    “No Point Going Into Details... Anything you Need To Know, press a button. You're The Boss.”

   No.6  "Number 1's the Boss!" So seeing as it turned out that No.6 is No.1, effectively the Boss. Did the out-going No.2 of ‘Free For All' know something at the time, that no-one else did? No, surely that would not be possible!

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